How-To: Fix Nvram Error Invalid Imei on all Phones

How to fix invalid imei


How to fix no network sign on your Infinix Zero

I got some mails and comments concerning Lollipop Rom for Infinix Zerothose that flashed this update kept on yelling that they got invalid IMEI and how do they fix this.
So today am going to show you how to fix  invalid Imei and Nvram Error on most MTKdevice. Please note that the file here only work for Infinix Zero thanks.
How to Fix Invalid Imei, Nvram Error and No Network signal on your device is very simple whne you follow this tutorial.


Backup of Nvram
Mtk Droid Tool
Root Access
You can download drivers from google, necessary drivers you need are Pdnet or Google Android Drive aka ADB driver. Make sure you have these drivers installed on your computer.
Download Mtk Droid Tool, and extract to your Desktop or any you could locate it easily, make sure you extract whole folders and files for proper usage.
Download Infinix Nvram Backup Here and extract, there are two files in this Zip, copy them to BackupNvram folder of your Mtk Droid tool folder that you’ve extracted.
Launch Mtk Droid tool with green icon, make sure your device is in Debug mode, here is how to Debug; Go to Settings – Developer for 4.xx, for 2.xx Go to Settings – Application – Developer Option.
Plug in your device to your PC, Pdnet should pop by the right corner of your task bar showing plain black meaning you’re now connected and have a working drivers, check your Mtk droid tools if it detecting your device, if its not try unplugging, closing mtk droid tool then plug in your device before launching mtk droid tool. Most things that causes mtk droid tool not to detect your device are some programs that makes use ADB running on your Computer, Programs like Moborobo, Mobogenie and so.
Once Mtk droid tool detects your device, check the left corner box on your mtk droid tool if it showing blue, yellow or green. If its showing yellow, click on root and grant root permission on your phone when Supersu app pops. It would load Su binary on your device. If it show error no adb installed don’t panic, Check here on how to fix No ADB Installed. If it shows green, you’re on the lane.
Click on IMEI/Nvram, Select Restore, a window will pop straight to your BackNvram folder, select the first file that is vlc or media format, another window will pop now select the zip file, wait for some minutes and watch your mtk droid tool, most times it will ask to reboot while sometimes it will just work straight away.
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