25 Images You Will Never Believe Are Real

1. You Got Hit By The Rainbow

The above photo got spread around the Internet earlier this year with that exact title, claiming the photographer had found the exact spot the rainbow “landed” on the highway, as if it’s a goddamned stationary structure rather than a play of light and water particles that changes depending on where you’re standing.

Go ahead and read the countless infuriating comments from people confirming it and talking about the time they also found a rainbow ending in their back yard, with the few dissenters screaming “Photoshop!”

It’s neither, of course, since the rainbow exists only from the driver’s point of view and here is just continuing down through the mist coming off the street (you can kind of see the arc continuing down through the pavement). But don’t let us ruin the illusion! Come back with a jackhammer and dig up your pot of gold!


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