Top 10 Animals that are at the verge of extinction

1. Hawksbill Turtle

They have pointed, and narrow beaks with a distinctive shape of overlapping scales on the shell that form a saw like look on the edges thus making them precious in the markets. They are found primarily all over the tropical oceans, mostly in coral reefs. The primary threat to these magnificent creatures is the unintended internment in fishing nets and over-exploitation by humans because of their beautiful shell and their meat. Also, their eggs are a delicacy to many people.

They also die because of habitat loss. Because of the decline in the coral reefs mainly due to destruction by humans. Several international treaties and agreements along with national laws protect the Hawksbill Turtle. Records in the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species forbids the trade of this turtle. It is also categorized as critically endangered by The World Conservation Union. The population of this turtle is also monitored regularly by the National Marine Fisheries services.

It is therefore very evident that the greatest enemy that contributes to wildlife extinction are the humans; Through pollution, habitat depletion and degradation. Thus it is our responsibility to conserve animals, and the best way to do this is by first saving the environment around us.

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