Top 10 Most Beautiful & Sexiest Women Of Greece

For a very long time people have viewed Greece to be the land of the most beautiful ladies in the world. This is because of the goddess Aphrodite who is known to be responsible for the great beauty in that country. It is a place filled with ladies who make men go crazy just by having a look at them. As for that reason am going to list the ten most beautiful ladies in Greece.

10. Zeta Makrypoulia

Zeta Makrypoulia

You may think that she is just beautiful but behind her beauty, lies a hardworking lady who is very passionate and very determined in all that she does. The thing that has made her become very famous is the fact that she is a TV presenter and a model. She is also a designer in fashion and the clothes she has come up with are one of a kind. That is why she is said to be one of the best designers in Greece. She was born in 1978 in Athens which is a very popular town in Greece..

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