10 Tragic Selfies Taken Seconds Before Disaster Struck

There’s something incredibly powerful when we look at the last picture a person took or a text they sent before a tragedy. It’s almost like you’re looking at a ghost.

You can see the vibrant life in their eyes having a great time but knowing that that was one of the last times they smiled. These are selfies taken by people who experienced something terrible after and here are their stories.

Jump, Fall, Gone

The photo itself is terrifying to the point that we can’t envision how awful this probably been for this person, the stature looks truly high so there is no possibility he more likely than not survived, and in the event that he did then should be in a horrendous condition. This youthful kindred seems as though one of those young men who attempt to do energizing stuff, similar to hop over a working for a selfie, hop with cruisers or what this person is doing. He is flipping while at the same time remaining on the edge of a tall building; he clearly should be sure as he has requested that somebody record his trick. Yet, it would appear that the flip turned out poorly arranged and as opposed to arriving back on the divider he is going to fall on the ground.

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