10 Tragic Selfies Taken Seconds Before Disaster Struck


There are thousands of reports about people being perished or injured trying to take “perfect” selfies. It has become a widely spread disease which doesn’t seem to stop. Check out ten of those numerous tragic selfies which were taken moments before tragedy struck.

#10- Last Selfie On a Plane

Jenni Rivera was a famous singer for Mexican music and her sudden death in a plane crash on December 9th, 2012 shocked everyone. The 43 year old died along with six other staff members and friends. All they left behind was a selfie which they took minutes after take off. The selfie looked of poor quality because 2012 was not quite a fertile period for a selfie camera and selfies were considered quite exotic back then. The selfie went viral and is the last photo left of Rivera and her crew. Though it is highly unlikely for a selfie to cause the plane crash but there is a rule that all mobile phones should be turned off during the flight to avoid damaging the on-board equipment.

#9- Bull Runner’s Last Selfie

Youngsters have this craze to run in front of bulls while risking their buttocks and their lives just for the sake of a cheesy thrill and capturing their moment of Bravery. In 2015, a 32 year old man named David Lopez man was gored to death while capturing the feud between two bulls. He was silly enough to leave the protected area to make a video and the bulls turned their anger on the man who was holding a latest iPhone in his hand. Surprisingly, the man actually died with a smile on his face as if he knew it was a suicide mission. The footage was however confiscated by the authorities for evidence.

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