Top 10 African Cities With The Most Beautiful Women (Photos)

No doubt, Africa is the most gifted continent on planet earth. Aside from the few crises and unfavorable moments (which will soon be a thing of the past), Africa has the most amazing side attractions. From great people to material resources, it is clearly evident that this unique continent is blessed.

Among the many things we are blessed with is our beautiful women. Here is a top 10 countdown of African cities where the hottest, most sassy and stylish of women can be located.

10) Cairo – Egypt


Cairo, Egypt’s sprawling capital,was founded in 969 AD. As at 2006, it has a population of 7.772 million making it the second largest city in Africa. The city which is known for its cultural heritage and the various tourist attractions is the 10th African city with the most beautiful women in Africa.

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