Fortified Milk and Its Benefits

Fortified milk is cow’s milk that has had extra nutrients that are not naturally found in it, added to give us a daily supply of our body needs. However, milk can be fortified with other nutrients like folic acid, zinc and many more. The kind of nutrient that is added to milk depends on the part of the world you live in and what kind of nutrients that are lacking in your diet in that area.
Both fortified and unfortified milk are highly nutritious and highly rich in vitamin B12. they both keep our bones strong as a result of their high deposits of calcium and phosphorus, the two minerals that make up our bones.
Vitamin D in fortified milk helps in the absorption of calcium.


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Fortified milk has a lot of benefits that keep us healthy and safe from deficiencies. They include;

Fills Nutrients Gaps in Diets

Extra nutrients has been added to milk to fight nutrient deficiency diseases like rickets, a weakening of bones due to Vitamin D deficiency.
It has helped greatly in eradicating diseases in developed countries. Did you know that people in the middle east still have vitamin D deficiency? fortified milk is a very important source of nutrients needed by our body daily.

Helps Prevent Iron Deficiency

Fortified milk helps prevent iron deficiency anemia in children, a common problem in developing countries.
Iron, zinc and B vitamins are the nutrients that milks are fortified with in developing countries. Anemia has been reduced by 50% amongst children who take milk fortified with iron, zinc and vitamin A.
Another study has shown that kids who took milk fortified vitamin A and D, iron, zinc, have more vitamin D and iron than kids who took unfortified milk. Fortified milk, in a serious way improves brain function in older children.

Improves Bone Health

Consumption of fortified milk and dairy products help to make our bones thicker and stronger. Milk has a natural high deposit of calcium and phosphorus, these two nutrients make up the bone.
That also means, unfortified milk encourages bone development. Another very important nutrient found in fortified milk is vitamin D, It helps the body to easily absorb enough calcium.

Possible Disadvantages

Fortified milk is good for the body, but could have some possible disadvantages.

Researchers have found out that about two-thirds of the world’s population is lactose intolerant and can not efficiently digest sugar found in milk and other dairy products. These people diarrhea and intestinal issues consuming milk products. It is advised that if milk or dairy products are not good for your system should watch their intake of this products or completely avoid them.
However, there are fortified non dairy milk like almond milk and soy.

Also, fortified milk isn’t on its own all round healthy. you have have to have add things like vegetables and fruits to your diets. There is this misleading idea that you can have a balanced diet diet just by have fortified milk.

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