Four Health Benefits Of Tiger Nuts

Tiger Nuts also called Aya(Hausa) or Ofio(Yoruba) are highly rich in nutrients such as starch,Fats,Sugars and Proteins,also they are rich in minerals such as Phosphorous,potassium ans Vitamin E etc.


They help prevent ailments such as Cancer(Colon Cancer) because they have high contents of soluble Glucose.These are the following benefits of Tiger Nuts;


tiger nut

High Fiber Content:

The Tiger Nuts has a higher fiber content than the Oat Bran,Cabbage,Carrots,Plums etc.This Fiber helps organisms to prevent constipation and acts as an appetite suppressant which helps us to control our body weight.

Helps Control Diabetes:

Those suffering from Diabetes can control Sugar levels as a result of the high non-Soluble Fiber contents of the Tiger Nuts.The Fiber in Tiger Nuts doesn’t elevate the Sugar levels as Carbohydrate does and this has been proven by recent studies.

Helps to Control Blood Pressure:

Tiger Nuts  which is very high in amino acid arginine helps the body make Nitrite Oxide which keeps the blood vessels dilated and have normal blood flow.

Tiger Nuts Oil Used In Cosmetic Industry :

As an anti-oxidant because of its high content in Vitamin E,it helps slow down the ageing of the body cells,it favors the elasticity of the skin and reduces skin wrinkles.

How To Make Tiger Nuts

Now you know what Tiger Nuts are and the benefits it offers.lets take a look at how to make the amazing,delicious and healthy tiger nuts milk



.one cup of tiger nuts(soaked for 24-48 hours)

.A glass of water




.soak the tiger nuts in a bowl of water and cover the bowl with a cloth

.let it hydrate for 1-2 days

.wash the nuts and put in a blender

Side Effects Of Tiger Nuts

Not everyone can consume this product.

First of all,eat tiger nuts in small quantities if you are heavy-weighted because it has large number of calories

Also if you know you are diabetic if it advised that stay a little bit far from tiger nuts

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