Health Benefits of Guava

Guava is a member of the family myrtaceae, the plant is thought to be native to mexico and central america but it is not certain because of the widespread and longtime seed disbursement by man and animals.
This plant was introduced to Hawaii in the early 19th century and came to florida in 1847 where it became a commercial crop.
Today guava can be found all over the world. It is used as an ingredient in many recipes and very rich in nutrients.



Heart Health

We need a regulated blood pressure always to stay healthy, potassium and sodium found in the guava fruit, does the magic for us. This helps us keep hypertension far away from us. Also, with guava we have a reduced level of bad cholesterol, pushing up good cholesterol in our body.

Treats Constipation

Guavas are richer in dietary fibre than most fruits. Fibre is very beneficial to our system in the sense that, it does our digestive system a great deal of good. Guava seeds, if ingested whole or chewed, serve as excellent laxatives too, helping the formation of healthy bowel movements.

Fights Toothache

The anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effects of the guava leaf helps fight infections and kill bacteria. This means, guava leaves are highly recommended for toothache, the guava leaf juice has been known to cure toothaches, swollen gums and oral ulcers.

Great Source of vitamin C

Guavas are packed with vitamin C and iron just like most fruits like oranges, these help you fight conditions such as cold and viral infections. The juice of immature guavas helps greatly in relieving cough and cold by getting rid of mucus and disinfects the respiratory tract, throat and lungs.

Anti- Ageing Properties

Guavas are rich in vitamin A, vitamin C and antioxidants like carotene and lycopene which helps protect the skin from wrinkles. A guava a day, keeps the skin from wrinkling.

Improves Complexion

Mash some guava flesh with an egg yolk and apply on your face, rinse off with warm water after a couple of minutes. Doing this twice or thrice a week, removes dead cells and lighten your complexion. This fruit are also a great source of vitamin K, which helps get rid of skin discoloration, dark circles, redness and acne irritation.


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