Top 10 Richest Fashion Designers in the World

1. Giorgio Armani

The world’s richest designer according to our research is Giorgio Armani. Founded in 1975, Armani and fashion can be used interchangeably. The Italian label is a global powerhouse, whose owner was initially a medical student. He spent some time with the army and then moved on to working in a departmental store in Milan, first as a window dresser and then as a sales person. Armani first worked for Nino Cerruti before starting his own fashion label. His work at the bottom of the industry gave him exposure that proved to be beneficial for the initiation of the now $8.5 billion empire. Armani’s personal wealth stands at $7.5 billion.

Very few internationally renowned fashion label owners have inherited their wealth. Most of them have started from scratch and it has taken immense hard work for them to reach where they stand today. There is no doubt in the fact that fashion and glamour are very alluring for any entrepreneur especially if they also have a knack for fashion, but turning rich overnight is a luxury that destiny has not granted to many. Although building a brand from the start is hard, but it is not impossible. Decades later, someone might be talking about yours!

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