10 Things You Might Wanna Know About Tom and Jerry

3- Tom and Czerry

Tom & Jerry was not always an American cartoon as you might think. In the early 1960s the animates series were actually made in Czechoslovakia. There were just thirteen episodes made like that but you can just notice a different tone in them. They have a strange atmosphere and are different from the usual hard edged violence pictured normally.

2- Tom and Jerry: The Movie

The first ever international movie release of Tom & Jerry was held on October 1st 1992. After that, numerous other movies starring Tom & Jerry were made and released following their universal appreciation and accolades. Both the animated characters have also made guest appearances in some other movie projects including non animated movies.

1- The Last Episode of the Original Series

Did you know that Tom & Jerry die in the last episode of the series? It is the episode “Blue Cat Blues” where a distraught Tom is sitting on the railway track to commit suicide and Jerry joins him. Not a happy ending but maybe the show-runners were expressing their sentiments in the ending, they didn’t want the show to end so the characters committed suicide.

But no worries, we all know that Cartoon Network still airs Tom and Jerry cartoons everyday in Armenia, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Pakistan, Egypt, Indonesia, India, Mexico, Lebanon, The Middle East, several Southeast Asian countries, Venezuela, Latin American countries and Eastern European countries such as Romania. It is pretty much the whole world!

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